Why you should come

Danubia Cup 2016 will be held in Romania, in one of the most beautiful airfields from the country

The contest is organized by Romanian Aeroclub, a state Aeroclub with a tradition of over 90 years

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Entries and Registration

The Preliminary Entry should be provided to the Organizer not later than April 15st  2016.

The Official Entry Forms must be provided to the Organizer not later than May 30th  2016.

Entry Fee payment must be done till Opening briefing (05th July, 18:00) as latest.

Entry Fee must be paid in full amount and bank fees must be charged to sender’s account.


Entry forms and  Bulletins

Preliminary entry form can be downloaded here:

Bulettin 1 DAC 2016

Bulletin No. 1 is available here:


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